Initially launched in 2009, TARUJO™ was founded on the idea of creating luxurious, comfortable, durable furniture with a few simple rules in mind...

1. Beautiful.

Every piece of our furniture has been created to not only be extremely comfortable and enduring, but also to be an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture that will become a feature in your favorite space, indoors or out. The satisfaction our customers experience from admiring their furniture from up close and afar is what drives us to create.

2. Comfortable.

All of the Tarujo products have been vigorously tested to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their downtime by relaxing on furniture purpose-designed for comfort. Luxurious fabrics, ergonomic shapes and super soft fillings are just a few of the elements that make our furniture the most comfortable in the market

3. Durable.

Every piece that we produce is meticulously designed and hand-crafted, ensuring we can keep a close eye on quality and workmanship. When it comes to materials, we don’t skimp on anything. Best-in-market fabrics and only the best quality components ensure the impeccable quality you’ll find in every Tarujo product.

"We design everything we make
with the
comfort and future in mind"


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